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I was born and raised in Xanthi, North Greece. While i was young enough, i had the need to start learning how to become one of the best bodyguard and i achieved it. Through all those years i trained really hard and attended many seminars and many courses to succeed this goal.

In 2018, i has been awarded with the Non-Article 5 NATO Medal for service with NATO in relation to the Balkans Operation during the period 26th of November 2007 to 8th of June 2008. On the 14th of October in 2015 i successfully completed a European Resuscitation Council BLS/AED Provider Course which is certified by the European Resuscitation Council and on the 12 of February 2016 i received the certificate of specialty on “Private Security Staff” by the National Organization for certification of Qualifications and Guidance.

Moreover, on the 2nd of July in 2017, i took the certificate of attendance for “Maritime Security” including the modules “Crisis Management, hostage crisis management, Ship Navigation, safe transit, ballistics and anti-piracy” which was organized by the Security sector of I.I.E.K. KORELKO. On the 3rd of April in 2018, i participated on the VIP & Security Basic Seminar which was organized by Limits Krav Maga Tactical Self Defences and later on, from the same organization, at the GOLD SEMINAR VIP – Third Party Protection with a great success.

On the 8th of June of the same year, i gained the certificate of attendance for the “VIP PROTECTION – SECURITY ESCORT” Seminar including the modules “Crisis management, hostage crisis management, VIP Escort Service, disarmament arrests & repressive techniques, ballistics, aggressive & defensive driving & vehicle formations” organized again by the Security Executives sector of I.I.E.K. KORELKO. By the same organization, the same year, on the 28th of September i successfully got the certificate of attendance on the educational seminar “Basic Level Security Supervisor” including the modules “Control and evaluation of VIP groups”, “Organizing emergency response plan”, “Security Supervisor”, Management and Implementation of security plan”. On the 1st of November i received one more certificate by KDBM MASTER which was for the program “Port facility security and security personnel” using ISPS CODE.

Furthermore, in 2020, i got the certificate of attendance on the seminar with topic “Detection of explosive – incendiary devices” Level 1 including the modules “ Types and properties of explosives – identification of improvised explosive devices – actions and security measures in case of suspected object detection” which was organized by the Security Sector Executives of KORELKO DISTANCE. With the same organization, on the 19th of January i received a certificate on the seminar “URBAN SNIPER – COUNTER SNIPER, FAMILIARIZATION TRAINING”.

Why Me


In general, i am an expert on VIP SECURITY, a trustworthy, disciplined, polite, hardworking/team working person, respectful and always ready to act. My military and martial arts training ensures that i am capable to provide you with excellent security services.


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